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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Building SDR again

In advance of the RSGB conference in October I am putting together a new SDR setup and I have just been sent two of the SMT versions of Tony Parks excellent SR V6.3 from Yoyodyneconsulting

It is called the SR63ng and it is a near clone of Tony Parks' retired SR63 RXTX board where the board has the same physical dimensions and connector registration as the original. This mans it will be a direct plug in replacement for the original. One noticable thing is it differs from the original in the use of surface mount components (SMT) rather than axial leaded resistors/caps, which make the build cleaner. 

Why am I building these: To provide the RF 'deck' to use the American term for the MOBO-4.3 system as I am building another pair of them (I sent one out and it went missing) and I have managed to obtain a couple of PCB for it as well. This time I will use with the SDR Widget, that was still in Alpha last time, so this will mean no audio output to a PC sound card will be required and will use a single USB connection only. Should have a at least 48/96kHz bandwidth and be frequency agile as it is based on the Si570 DDS but the MOBO will contain a limited number of band pass filters ( up to 9) in the amateur bands.

I am hoping to also have this built side by side with the SDR-Cube shortly.

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