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Monday, 28 March 2011

Wobbulator & High gain RF probe

From a Radio Bygones project by Raymond Haig whole 2003 issue can be seen hereI have started to build the wobbulator that I'll use to align the R1155 (probably best known as the RX set in WWII Lancaster) I was given last autumn. Also the partner powered RF probe.

I had a bit of trouble trying to find 400V DC 0.1uF polyester caps (loads at 250V or 285V and a couple at 3KV! I will use .22uF 400VDC ones for now.

The box is still available from Maplin and I have everything else in the 'junk box'. Dave, G4EBT sent me a pair of PCB a while back (hope I did send him a cheque) and I just printed out and laminated the front and will attach to the box lid.

Jabdog came up with the varicap diode and the toko coils and I had everything else.

Will post some pictures..

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