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Sunday, 13 June 2010

MOBO V4.3.4 PA

Mounting that heatsink.

I did this:

MOSFET attaches to REAR.

I used a needle file and removed the anodising on the bottom ends of the heatsink and around the TO220 middle mounting hole.

To attach th heatsink to the PCB I used two self threading M3 (ish) screws that bit into the heatsinks and created a good contact (I checked resistance was <0.1ohms). Turned the board up away from you on the right hand side (R30) underneath I used a flat washer and a Computer red insulating washer, on the left hand side I used a flat washer and a star washer that bit into the tinned area. In between the heatsink and the top of the PCB on both sides I placed a star washer.

I secured the heatsink to the PCB first THEN and Only after it was secure did I attach the MOSFET and then checked for conductivity between the ground tab on the MOSFET and GND on he PCB. Once satisfied it was good I soldered the MOSFET into place.

The Heatsink sits about 1/32" off the PCB and it and all mounting hardware is clear of any components..

NB on the (outer edge of PCB) of the TO220 mount I used a brass washer and heat sink compound between the MOSFET and the heatsink, The screw was brass M3. On the reserve side (facing into the PCB) no heat sink compound and I used a star washer and flat brass washer to make a good contact between the MOSFET and the heatsink.

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