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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Ok going to have a bit of fun and rework the design starting off with reworking the pcb layout and will add in what I know works for psk and ssb. Will use Express PCB as a layout as i will create the PCB with Blue press n peel film.

I asked someone who has one to show it on a web cam as I wanted to get some decent images of L7 and L8 and T1, T2 and T3.

L7 and L8 are the output filter and are l7 0.6uH and l8 0.5uH the HB-1A uses little 1cm OD, 0.5cm thick, 0.5cm hole ferrites. l7 is 10T and L8 is 11T of what looks like simple hook up wire.

I probably should not have worried hough... KX1 uses same design and the details using T37 cores are in the docs.

T1 uses the same core and the critical information is that the windings are Primary 7T and Secondary 2T.

T2 and T3 are canned coils

I also have a better idea of the through hole components on the SMT IC side. The PIC is socketed and there are no in circuit programming connections.
IC7 the keyer chip is placed on the reverse.
The 4 sets of 6 holes are the four switches from the front.

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