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Monday, 23 March 2015

Yes AF-060 QSL Donations accepted :-)

Was asked.... yes AF-060 QSL donations are accepted. Look up qso in clublog once loaded.

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M1KTA said...

Asked why ask as as no one it seems to like the idea of donations ... well this was not a mainland operation so I did incur a lot of extra costs over and above even being in C5 Gambia in the first place ... boat (x2), boatman (twice), landing fee, two motor bike batteries (to use on island) could not fly back with them afterwards more is the pity :-)

The rig, antenna, bags all came home with me but I was taking those out for normal operations anyway.

It was not a huge amount but if every qsl request adds a little it covers some of those costs so I am able to fund/do another one. I did not get any funding from anyone else.