Sunday, 18 January 2015


Thought I'd have a listen and see if you can work them qrp .... 4 hours of non stop listening and sending m1kta when heard the c5x up..... only to them hear them answer someone else... until... finally I got them at 17:22 UTC 15m 21.009.168 qsx 21.010.724 cw abt 17:20, I was 100% on macros and if I blinked it was all over, lot faster than my C5 operating, I got lot of learning to do hihi!

about 21 seconds in...

KX3 10W cw (so not qrp) into a 6BTV vertical.

So can be done almost qrp :-)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

High winds

I'm sure loads of other in UK are having high winds... I just had sustained 35mph winds, no gusts and it took out several fence panels, antenna supports (even guyed) and a G7FEK I had just put up so I'm off air for a bit.

torroids to ID

Anyone got any idea WHAT those torroids are?

Sort of a light purple/mauve colour.

It is the LPF in a RM HLA300 (so not qrp)

VQ9 DX trip by M1KTA.... no chance.

Reminded of the school report from my second year in Geography when it was suggested that sometimes I really need to focus on the topic and must try harder..

I have tried and tried over a couple of years almost every way I can think of to try and get out to VQ9 to operate, as it is technically a British territory and part of the Commonwealth you'd think it would be possible...but got nowhere.

Finally had the response...

", it is not possible for private individuals to visit Diego Garcia.  There are no exceptions to these restrictions, it is not simply a matter of security clearance."

Unless you are a contractor to the USAF and a US citizen it doesn't seem to be possible. Most odd as the place is British and the US are a guest :-)

Perhaps when/if the US lease runs out it might be possible?

Ho hum.... add it to the list of DXCC that I must try harder to get to one day.

K regional prefix.... looks less likely.

I was curious as I oft travel to parents in Cornwall... could I use it? If so  how does one go about applying for the NoV etc....So I asked OfCom......(foolishly expecting a decision perhaps) this was the response.

"The proposal to allow the regional indicator is currently being considered by our legal advisers.  We cannot say more than that at present and unfortunately cannot give an indication of when or indeed if this will happen."

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Tested the solar panels

Only the weak winter sun.

This was the voltage off the controller, floating charging a 7AH 12V SLA no problem.

However panels definitely generated enough to run the KX3 directly.

I even tested the shade thing by walking in from of one panel to block the sun and the whole lot still output power.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

M1KTA DX kit expands... for those locations without power.

Just took delivery of a couple of poly crystalline solar panels in a folding configuration.

Nice simple packaging, survived the transit from Hong Kong.

So what is inside...

Nice carry handle and clips to stop it opening up.

Dimensions... 33.5" x 21.5" x c3"

handy fold out legs (I'll probably add extenders so will work in most latitudes, not just near equator as best with sun at 90 degrees to the panel

Integrated solar charging regulator and power leads with croc clips able to handle lot more power than these panels will provide.

Each is capable (two of them) of producing >3.3A at 18V (60W)... I will test these float charging a beefy SLA or car battery. I will need 12V or 13.8V only.

There is 'space' inside the two panels (they close up for carrying bit like a picnic table) so you ould almost place batteries inside for carrying etc... the weight is 14.6KG in the cardboard wrapper... I expect I'll make up a couple of ali covers for the outside so they get a bit of protection in transit but they just came from Hong Kong in that box without issue!

I was going for an RF budget of 5amps total and couple to run a laptop.... for a DX trip.