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Thursday, 8 March 2018

On way to C6AKT

On way to C6AKT.

Antennas (2el 80m, 4sq 40m, VDA 20m, GP 15/10) in long bag, Station (QRP) in Orange Pelican case (carry on).

900m of radial wire!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Last minute change of rigs for BERU

K2 has an intermittent fault on SSB (not needed for BERU but is for digital and SSB after) and no time to diagnose so reverting to KX3 I built #1082 and my ATS-3B. So still all homebrew :-)

Sunday, 4 March 2018

DPDT relay pin outs

Grrr assumed were the same but were different.

Found were these.... Common 2 and 7, switching 3 & 4 or 5 & 6

Thought they were these. Common 6 & 6, switching 2 & 4 or 5 & 7

Different subtle but BIG difference.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

ATS3B in C6 be careful else you'll kill the PA!

Had a quick email from another ATS3 fan, "please don't connect the ATS3B up to a poorly matched antenna it might result in tears before bedtime".

I built mine back in 2009. This was just before adding the C to the band modules. Added 60m as well to it since then.

So just to calm those interested, I have a nice phono to BNC adapter so I'll take the signal out from this and feed it into the £10 (what cost me see Elecraft T1 ATU I made up years ago with it so the Pa will be 'protected' to a degree.

I'll also take a few BS170 with me just in case Murphy becomes an operator.

The ATU will probably be a bit redundant though initially as antennas will be mono band & resonant too, I'll use a KD1JV, to be sure they are before use.

qrpkits photo I'll swap with my own this evening.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Glad I didn't try to activate E5/N

Just told
"Shipping would have been risky!!!  The MS Lady Moana made two attempts to get to Pukapuka but made it to Palmerston.  First trip it was too rough to put anyone ashore on Palmerston.  Second trip -- last week -- also very rough but the ship's hull got a hole -- rusted through -- so they dropped all the Pukapuka passengers on Palmerston and headed back to Raro with just the crew.  The ship has now got 3 holes in the hull and is on the way to Tahiti for repairs -- however -- I am not sure it is repairable -- and if it was patched, I would NOT travel on it.

The people dropped on Palmerston will likely be there for several months as Tapi Taio has only one small vessel left -- though he has bought another vessel in Norway and it is being refitted.

So be glad you did not make it to Palmerston!  You would likely be there for a long time."

Sunday, 25 February 2018


Need to be sure the ATS-3B doesn't get powered by more than 11V.

The homebrew PSU (ex PC ATX supply and switchable 110V or 230V) will go to 13.4V which would be terminal.

I used to have a QBSA but sold it (big mistake). Anyway going through setup for latest trip and realised need a way to control the voltage that the ATS3B will be powered with so built something based on the QBSA (from KD1JV) section. Where you take the main shack supply and use an LM317 to provide an adjustable output voltage.

Used part of an ebay module kit that uses the same LM317 and has a voltage display and has a handy 5V circuit. LM317T for ATS3B is good to 1.5A

I omitted the AC diode bridge (4 diodes) as I don't need them and just added a wire.

and squeezed into an Aluminium box (will add an arduino nano frequency display and VSWR later) with a set of DC leads (and 2 amp inline fuse)
 to the PSU and a 2.1/0.7mm barrel connector

to the ATS-3B.

Thinking might fit these bits plus the basic PSU and the basic SO2R into an EC2 enclosure (have one spare). Then if travelling with K2 etc again (likely) will reduce the number of units.

GP connectors

Thought I'd make up some GP base connectors after what learnt over time.

BNC for the RF and M6 BRASS wing nuts.

Reusable cable ties.

Inside the boxes (2" x 1" x 1/2" deep) connections are using solid wire that has been wound about a screw driver so it is sort of like a little spring, so if for whatever reason the connection goes loose the connection will still work.

As asked.... the vertical wire will have am M6 ring terminal soldered and crimped on on end that goes on one M6 and it is secured in place between the washers and the butterfly nut and the other end goes up the pole or whatever you are using to support it, the radials connect to the other M6, either bare wires just wound about the M6 bolt or M6 ring terminals. When they are attached to a pole I know which is which so have not labelled them but I might.
The boxes do have enough space for a T80 toroid balun to just fit inside but I have not done this. Nothing stopping you adding one outside or feeding differently.