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Sunday, 10 February 2019


Full info here

Mine will light up not just on multiplers but after ever qso, well I am a qrp operator :-)

The additional bit is in the code. QRO ops can edit it out.

#define DISPLAY_EVERY_QSO // Comment out this line if you DO NOT want a visual alert when a QSO is logged.
//#define SOUND_EVERY_QSO // Comment out this line if you DO NOT want an audible alert when a QSO is logged.
For the rest of the code:

I use the win-test derivative. (Thanks M1DST for adding).

I will add in my own 'on air' sign too. It uses an LED strip to illuminate.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

FA-VA5 Antenna Analyser from SDR-Kits

The parcel arrived last week just got around to looking at it.

Will put this together tomorrow and start on antennas at w/e.
I bought the carry case and the calibration kit as well.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

57 days until C6

Got quite a bit to sort out (all accommodation and flights are done). Will be taking a 4sq on 40m and other antennas.

Adding anti vibration feet to cnc

Little foam golf balls fit in side.
Using M5 hardware (I used Nylon nuts and bolts, more because I had them) They are fitted to the base of the 20x20 Ali extrusion and reduce the noise quite a bit.