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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

C5/M1KTA AF-060 Audio

This is what is sounded like for me... second session (not all of it either!)


Not exactly what I heard... I also had a lot of wind noise and terns/seagulls so the audio recorded was not quit what I heard, I re-listened and I missed a few stations when I should not have really.

Lost it a bit in middle 47mins in.... EU would not shut up when I could hear NA/VK etc.

I loved the fact I said I had gone QRT... was breaking down stuff but callers kept on calling... Some stn's don't listen (me too obviously!)

I was spotted in the middle of this session which didn't really help.

Z5JMZ C5/M1KTA 21260[LoTW] IOTA af-0601659z 15 Mar
GW4AYJ C5/M1KTA 21260[LoTW] UP 51657z 15 Mar
OE3RPB C5/M1KTA 21260[LoTW] AF-060 tnx 731648z 15 Mar
IZ8DUD C5/M1KTA 21260[LoTW] 1641z 15 Mar
IZ4VYY C5/M1KTA 21260[LoTW] 1637z 15 Mar
K8GI C5/M1KTA 21260[LoTW] AF-060 no waiting1625z 15 Mar

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