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Monday, 16 March 2015

DX Cluster is a pain

AF-060 was yesterday 15th March, two sessions 15m ssb only.

This morning 16th March MAINLAND ONLY. Seems man he say no today to going out to AF-060, multiple reasons (excuses?) why no... but managed 3hr pile up on 20m this morning... shame was not able to get to AF-060 as VK/ZL/JA and NA were all open, typical.

This was this morning... when started was pitch black abt 04:30 UTC.

Was hoping to reactivate AF-060 20 m today seems one day (yesterday 15m) was enough, still keeps it rare I guess I see some idiots were spotting I was on it even though said I wasn't this morning ho hum.

Island/sandbar only 3 miles away so near and yet so far!

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