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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

C5/M1KTA AF-060 Random photos and videos

OK lots of photos and videos... in sort of order....

 At hotel waiting for driver. Note this time radio kit in two water proof bags (inside are lock 'n lock boxes containing the radio kit. Rucksack has batteries, seat and other bits do not might loosing (not too much if capsize!). The yellow bags will float with the contents (large radio, smaller leads and log book!)I tested them. Note antenna is a buddipole.

The boat that will take me out there... see photos from last year, same boat!

 Total difference to last year as this point on crossing flat calm

Jamaq boat man and guide.

insert video of crossing here....

Note had a hole in boat as we hit something had to stop and fix....

Just landed that spec in distance is the boat being moored.

Video of the island....

 Setting up... Not great shot, self timed it.
Note KX3 and motor bike battery no pa!

As I was operating....

(Video 65)

Tide coming in fast, this is the sand bar I walked up from the boat!

Leaving island after first session

Travel back to shore

Almost back on shore..

Went out again after about 2 hours for second session and many more NA/JA qso. Chose to take laptop and inverter to make logging easier... crossing was not as calm too.

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