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Friday, 13 March 2015

qrv from C5

Finally up and running... JUst makeshift antenna will sort out something proper tomorrow. Being heard.... this is 10w from KX3 into a buddipole

W3LPL C5/M1KTA10108.0CW CQ [LoTW]12 dB19 wpm0604z 13 Mar
W3LPL C5/M1KTA10108.0CW CQ [LoTW]8 dB18 wpm0554z 13 Mar
F5MUX C5/M1KTA10108.1CW CQ [LoTW]7 dB10 wpm0531z 13 Mar
Feeling very tired been a long day...Going to grab a bit of sleep and then food, pura and battery shopping, arrange IOTA tfrs before qrv again.

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