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Thursday, 8 January 2009

USB Controlled Synthesizer (Si570)

The postman (post woman actually) just delivered the usual armful of jiffy bags from various electronics suppliers, pcbs and kits and one was from Jan G0BBL.

Jan G0BBL had sent me a kit using an Si570 frequency synthesizer chip.

I printed the document off the web at

As some may know I am a bit of a fan of SDR and I have built a number of Tony Parks SDR kits going back as far as the 40m RX SDR that was a sort of fat USB pen as a kit AMQRP sold. (must post a post about the various sdr builds)

Anyway I had put a yahoo group together to build the qrp2004 tcvr from the qrp2000 design team. The members are now DG8SAQ, PE1NNZ, M0PUB, G8BTR, G0XAR and G0BBL, and there is now a kit operation that Jan G0BBL put together. I just bought one of the kits they sell and I will integrate it with an as yet unmade 30m V6.2 Softrock RXTX kit.

There is a nice little PCB and all the components for it.

I'll follow up with construction details and how it operates with the SDR RXTX kit.