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Friday, 16 January 2009

CNC Mill

(Image borrowed from creed4545)

Thought it might be fun to make one of these after seeing the 'instructable' here for it.
Might not mill PCB with it but Christine's(XYL) Dad would be interested in the wood working possibilities.

So flea bay has provided the acrylic sheet, flea bay will also provide the skate board bearings, B&Q provided the Aluminium, Mackays in Cambridge provided M8 machine screws (not 5/16") and M5 pan head and other assorted screws , I have a 'spare' dremel and pretty sure it has some carbide routing bits. The pipes were a bit difficult to come by and obtined some thick wall 316 stainless for mie. The joints I have some size 5 "Kee Klamp" on order from BSS in Cambridge (Tel:(01223) 404040) picking up Monday to build the frame. The motors will be steppers but will 'play' with a couple of old A4 scanner motors. Need to build a stepper motor controller. Looks like the drive software will be EMC2 under Linux. A little PC vaccum cleaner will be modified and added to remove dust etc