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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bluetooth, PSK and FT817 with an iPAQ

Whilst in HB9 2007 I built this little interface for my iPAQ so I could control my FT817 using bluetooth. I will upload details of it in another post.

The iPAQ could also operate psk as well.

The little box to the left of the rig is my power distribution block with 4 sets of twin 4mm connection terminals, plug and screw. This is a standard part of my /P setup. The battery I bought in JUMBO a sort of Swiss version of Home Depot or B&Q and powered the radio on all non-bicycle trips in HB9 during 2007. Flying back to UK The battery flagged a security alert packed in baggage. I was formally asked not to fly with a battery again by the airline!

In the back ground you can see a superdrug radio.

These photos were staged in my apartment some time after I built and setup these interfaces. I know this as there is no antenna on the radio just a dummy load and the log page was from 21/4/2007 not 7/6/2007 as the photo date/time stamp shows.

In Zurich I operated mostly from the HB9ZZ station

where they had a 3 el yagi for me to play with which made qrp operating so much fun.