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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Working DX from DX is proving interesting...

Working another DX from a DX mid pile up especially when I am really bad at CW pile ups (still!) has been fun so far, apologies for those that might be disappointed not to get into the log but cannot work everyone that calls, and this is a holiday operation with my wife so operating time is limited. If I am operating QRS - SLOW DOWN please for heavens sake as it will only frustrate you and everyone else as I will only grab one or two letters at most and if I can figure out another caller I will call them instead. I have 10's of callers at a time even running split and I cannot work out call signs.

Anyway HK1MW is in the log now worked (HK0NA) Bolmar on 17m last night. Worked him on 30m back in 2012 so was nice to work the same DXCC on a new band from C5...

Got to say there was a damned contest on Saturday morning, conditions were perfect but everyone on the bands running SSB was deaf or not interested in a DX qso ho hum... I think tail end of Aurora has gone through as band were dead after that (not the mid day lull) then about 6pm (local) opened up again ... short CW operating on 21m and 17m before dinner.

Got a couple of ops that have worked me on all bands and modes I have been active so far... not what everyone thinks might be fair but I have to acknowledge that these guys have learnt to work with me and I am honestly just working stations as I can hear them. When struggling with the CW wall of noise it is a great relief to hear them sending a little more slowly as I can pick them out. Might be in contrast to what some suggest a DX operator should do but this works for me. I have also focused sometimes on QRS callers only and emails have shown that they have struggled with contacts with other C5 stations as they never slowed down... lesson in there maybe for some? I know I'll get beaten up by some for NOT sticking with 20wpm+ but that is my choice.

Should manage some morning and evening grey line (JA last night) over this week.

I note (as emailed) some spots seem to say M1KTA not C5/M1KTA, that'll be as the DXcluster does not know how to handle a C5/ call ... software developers be aware!


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