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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Enough about DX operating.... what have I built recently.

In the run up to the C5 trip I was putting together a GPS QRSS beacon that will support multimodes including WSPR. It comes from Hans Summers G0UPL

He calls it the Ultimate Beacon V3.

I have the switched LPF as well.

In addition I had a RTL based USB SDR project and the adapter/converter for it arrived.

It takes a 100MHz oscillator in the 8 pin DIL socket. This way you can use one of the  USB DAB radios to RX HF.

I built this little USB winkey lite, it will go into the box it is sitting on.

This will allow me to operate CW and RTTY with the KX3 and a PC. I have a USB WinKey now but this is so much smaller.

I finally finished taking all the transistors out of the TR switch by Jim Kortege that I picked up at a rally recently. I think was an SK sale. Some components were in backwards and as wrong would not work. The uPC was totally duff and going to get a new one from US. D3 was backwards so reversed it. So was C18. The transformers T1 and T2 I could not trust so removed them as well.

R46 is an interesting chain of 1M resistors not one 10M.

This is the board with the holes all cleaned up.

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