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Thursday, 20 March 2014

C5 logs

Almost ready to upload C5 logs to LoTW... about 450 qso in the log. Just got to find time to double check them all before sending.... 90% were paper logged and then entered into DXlab/DXkeeper for qsl labels.... I'll hold off sending qsl cards to allow for directs for about 4 weeks then will send the lot out via buro.

Might be a waste (hope not) but I'll qsl all contacts.... except the BERU contest ones and wait to see if get requests.

The C5 AF-060 contacts have been checked already and are completed and for these I have printed off labels (14 direct requests processed already!) IOTA qso were only for period on 8th March 09:00 to 10:15. All others mainland contacts.

Had another $20 direct request for a C5 card with nothing in the log (same thing 2012) they must really want C5 qrp :-) I've send it back to them...

Tiny totals compared to some.... but some want to know details:

49 DXCC worked mixed modes, 102 DXCC slots.
22 on SSB
36 on CW

148 WPX prefixes

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