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Friday, 21 March 2014

C5 Audio (from UK)

One of the CDXC members (G0TSM) recorded a couple of  short sessions back in uk so I could hear what I sounded like.... completely unedited. You will find the files here (one CW 15m other SSB 12m)

They have piped BOTH the TX and RX into the recordings.

You can hear me working some stations:
KG2S (0:51)
GB3RS (5:18)
LY80 (abt 5:30)
W3GH (6:30)

On the beach I could not do my usual of having the laptop or I would have recorded the pile ups at my end as well. I had loads of stations calling me all the time. Operated SSB simplex.

CW is pretty clear too.

The ADI log files I'll be putting up to LoTW is there as well... does not contain the AF060 SSB qso's though.

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