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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

SDR and 4K HD TV

Got into work (sadly I am a salary slave for now) to find they gave me a new monitor and PC for my database stuff as well as the usual multiple monitors for the desktop, just so my DB views do not appear on the sys admins monitor.... It's a cheap Cello 42" 4K HDTV, one of these...


I tried a quick setup with an SDRPlay and SDR-Radio and seems to work fine (resolution is about Horz 3.5k x something suitably nuts) so going to be fun watching pile ups, before people turned up at work this morning. Thinking about getting one for home shack.... as £300 seems too cheap not to.

I don't care about the audio or the free view TV and it seems to work fine. Seems like got later HDMI as both 30 and 60 Hz refresh rates fine and do not see any obvious lag, the video card is some on board intel thing (cheap HP desktop).

I wonder if anyone  used one of these things as a monitor for SDR and got any comments?

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