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Sunday, 3 July 2016

G3PYE/P VHF FD and 24GHz fun

In front of flossie some of whom were there (4 stations operating in the van at the time (23cm, 2m, 4m (6m had been day before and 70cm)  from Camb-Hams

First one I'm behind the camera.

In Flossie MkIII(?)(the van) at the time... G7SOZ (23cm), M1GEO (2m), think Martin G3ZAY was on 70cm.
Sitting in doorway Mark, Gavin M1BXF, Steve M1ACB, Geoff G0DDX, Steve M0NVB, Lawrence standing M0LCM, Dom M0BLF, Lianne, Rob M0VFC, Steve

This one Rob M0VFC took

I'm in this time and Lawrence ran to catch the BBQ before stuff burnt.

Also some 24GHz fun with a setup from John G4BAO


Apparently John never does /P :-)

So what is it.... John explains all the bits.

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