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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Making antenna and cable assemblies for EU-011 trip

Finding wire I forgot (almost) I ever had.

GP's for 10, 15, 20 and 80m and 4 for 40m.

Will use 3 raised radials for all (except the 80m which will be ground radials) they will double up as guys as well.

Utilising pieces of Tesco chopping board cut with a circular hole and holes for the radiator and guys. The ground in the winter cow field should be fine. Must remember gloves for the thistles and nettles!

Feeder will be the coax I picked up from SM7UCZ a while back, I'll be qrp with the KX3 (+ spare) but it is low loss and good to 160W. Sold loads at Foxton rally but plenty spare (300m!), the three long lengths with RCA ends from the last EU-138 Utlangan IOTA contest trip should be fine for use.

The 4 square 90 degree phase shift I'll make a new one as last was for 17m. The controller should be fine for re-use. The 75ohm coax for the 1/4 wave feeds I'll remeasure the velocity factor and make those up a bit later.

Got to remember to take a great circle map and compass with me so that can align the 4 sq so that the predominant direction will be the UK.

Donated garden flex will swap for a double rubber socket and that should power the station.

The 6m quad loop from M1BXF will have use outside the contest. I also found my long lengths of CAT5 for the internet dongle (if I use it).

I expect will take 12V cell and wall wart for 6m /p, other island activiations.

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