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Sunday, 20 July 2014

EU-037 Garpen... weather looks good and final antenna choice

Fri, Sat dry sunny, bit windy late on Sat night time low 14'C high 27'C
(Going to feel hot in the shack)

Sun overcast, windy with shower later 20'C high by Noon, Afternoon bit warmer 23'C and showers. Evening expect Thunderstorms.
Monday wet, windy and thunderstorms in early hours 20'C

So putting up antennas should be OK, might have to break down quickly Sunday/Monday.

Must guy or else Sat Night Sunday morning may have issues, expected constant 20-25Km/H and gusts of 35km/H to NE. So if place antennas near water on North of island guys MUST be arranged to the south west  at least. New poles in SM already 28mm diameter at 7 AGL.

If am operational quickly on Friday night should have good chance of greyline operating some DX  through until after sunset and again at sun up (Sun Down abt 21:20 local, Sun up abt 04:50 local) JA and Oceania I will listen for you on 15m especially during grey line opening, I expect you will need to be looking over the pole for SP!

I will have a 2 element vertical antenna on 6m and if open after contest might be interesting.

Laptop will have 3G internet and should have email.

Final choice for antennas will be:
10/12/15/17/20 vertical dipoles all share a common feed point.
30/40 GP
60/80m dipole
Buddipole, backup and special conditions (6m).

160m operating depends on conditions.

Bags packed and repacked and weight is inside the limit.

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