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Sunday, 8 April 2018

QRM Eliminator X-Phase

Was asked to look at this so grabbed a few mins with new Tenma soldering iron station and played.

Turned up from ebay in a  few days. The components all look to be there, except the LED to indicate power.

 Nice simple PCB, The pads look a bit close for the SMT versions of the diodes...

 Populated, top is nice and clean. The transformer wire provided was not heat strip so had to manually strip the enamel.

 Underside, not cleaned up yet, so lots of solder spots. Yes the SMT diode pads were a bit close

Ticked off the components as installed.

The 12V connection is a pad on the bottom of the board, no hole so not quite sure how I'll wire this up just yet. I suspect a hole through the pad to the top layer and a 12V connection on top might have been better?

Will put this into a box and add some connections and give it a test... so more to follow.


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