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Monday 11 November 2013

Chinese ATU & RockMite (sort of clone)

I have a couple of these things coming to me.

The descriptions are priceless for the translations "not welded, delivery is scattered electronic components but I seriously applaud those who do not have English as a first language trying to enter the homebrew market.

As I am sure many have discovered some Chinese productions are perfect copies or clones, some PCB are very good quality some are very poor. I really liked the HB-1A and later qrp tcvr's which were very close to others we already knew well. Tentec now have taken them on and there is a nice series of qrp tcvrs available.

The ATU seems to sit somewhere between a ZM2/ BLT and an ATU I have seen from a JA station.

The @rockMite' looks a log way from the original by Dave Benson of the same name.

The LM317 1A adjustable regulators i have in the workshop are from the same source and the build quality was fine. These will be component kits.

Anyway I'll be building and will blog them here.

I have some SDR from Kanga to build as well.


Paul VA3PAW said...

Hi, any progress on the Chinese Rockmite build so far?

73! Paul VA3PAW

M1KTA said...


I'll drag out the results and update the blog