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Thursday, 15 March 2012

QRPp, the NorCal QRP Club Journal is now on line

Now here:


A message from Doug...

"I would like to announce that the complete collection of QRPp, the NorCal 
QRP Club Journal that I did from 1993 to 2004 is now on line.  Chuck Adams 
has scanned in every page of every issue and has it on line at  This is a temporary site, as we want 
to make sure that all of the bugs are out of it before we place it on the 
NorCal page where it will have a permanent home in about 3 weeks.  This 
material is for the education of QRPers, and it will always be free.  No 
one will ever have to pay anything to access it.  We ask that no one makes 
it available on CD for distribution in any way.  Everyone is granted 
permission to make an archival copy, but no one is granted permission to 
post any part or portion online.  We want there to be one site where it is 
available.  Some of the schematics will be redrawn and Chuck is 
coordinating that effort.  I have struggled for years on how to make the 
information available and decided that this is the way to do it.  Every 
article was donated, no one was paid anything for writing any article.  So, 
I wanted to make it available for free.  Enjoy.  Thank you to Chuck Adams 
for doing the work to make the pdf's, to Dean Davis for his future work in 
putting it on the NorCal web page, and especially to all of the 
contributors over the years.  72, Doug, KI6DS"


BTW the link to volume 1 actually points you to volume 11 right now, sure it will be fixed soon, if it does don't worry. When the link to the pdf appears just above download it will say view folder... follow THAT link and you will find the volume 1 pdf.

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