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Monday, 11 May 2009

23cm ATV

Whilst rummaging for 'things' in the shack I discovered a plastic box containing a collection of 23cm ATV 'stuff' I was going to try and build into something back in 2004. Anyway I discover I have two unmodified, original COMTECH modules RX and TX (G1MFG, not platinum or gold completely unmodified) and a controller board by G6ALU. I think some modifications are needed.

I bought a couple of SMA to BNC connectors for the antenna sockets and there is a relay in the box as well as a couple of small cameras from FArnell, one colour and a couple B&W. With microphones I think. Also there is a complete Mitsubushi Brick 20W PA kit.

The local repeater is GB3PV (23cm) so I might try and get a station up and running.

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