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Friday, 2 February 2018

C6AKT 100% homebrew

As asked... Will be QRP.

The C6 trip will be 100% using home brew kit.

2el on 80m, Supports are two 12m poles from Spiderbeam, with top capacity hats. Directed end-fire towards UK/EU. Wires all new.
4-square on 40m, Four 10m traveling poles from SOTABeams will support the radiators, radials all new wires from CPC. Using a TK5EP based hybrid controller, same as used elsewhere, this time M1GEO made me up a QRP PCB and much lighter so will be trying that instead of the S2JW version.
VDA on 20m, 12m pole, Tesco chopping board and parts from two 4m poles. See details how to build one. TX6G David Aslin G3WGN also has excellent designs. There is a 1/2 wavelength version out there too...
GP's 15m and 10m (Not expecting much if anything on 15m and 10m)

Feed is NEW Aircell-5 with 75ohm webpro 100 between the phased antennas.

Taking coax stubs for 40m and 20m made from coax I picked up from SM7UCZ a while back (tnx G4BWP for the conversations and corrections)
W3NGN based BPF (but qrp versions) between the TRX and antenna

I'll use an SO2R arduino controller not really for running SO2R but to switch between the antennas.

Rigs will be ATS-3B and K2
Homebrew Softrock "Lite + USB Xtall" V9.0 Si570

I do have KX3 which I 'built' but they don't really fall into the hombrew category so they stay in UK

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