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Sunday, 26 June 2016

DX portable hex beam

I was asked... did I actually have one of these after comments on CDXC... well here you go... grabbed it out of the shack antenna stockpile and put it up. I used a simple garden umbrella stand in the centre of the grass and put it up.

All goes together pretty quick after you have done it a couple of times. I use these little coloured velcro tie wraps (FDIM door prize) for the elements I keep in an airline toiletries bag. The central support base is disconnected and it all fits in a nice bag that Anthony made for me. Loads of space for guys, feeder etc.

The directivity (I posted whilst the camera was pointed out of shot!) did pick me saying it was that way... it is towards you when you can see the yellow element connections to the centra feed point.

I'll not show putting it up as I do not have the space at home (probably do just I use this on trips where not near the sea.) I use a Heavy duty 10m pole from DX wire I did not use the top two sections so the base of the antenna is at about 8.3m.

Never sorted a rotator so it is that copyright "stongarm" one I am afraid.

It is well balanced.... I have but not fitted what are called storm cords that keep the spreaders from folding in during high winds. I'd not have this up that long to be honest.


M1KTA said...

That is a down puffer jacket on the line behind it is not part of the antenna.

M1KTA said...

I'll post (as asked) images of the central post and the wire connections. But if got techie questions I would direct them at Anthony made mine for me.

Remember this is NOT a stay up 365 day in all WX antenna like it's big brother, this one is DESIGNED to be used temporary/portable where weight is a major factor and I tell you you are not going to put this up in a monsson/ice storm as there is no way you would keep your radio dry either so I advocate some common sense needs to be applied before it is compared to say a Cushcraft A3S, Hy-Gain or any number of HF beams which are designed for that and not portable so one man could carry and put it up.

Daniel Wagner said...

One of these days I just might invest in a hex beam. I have the typical problem of not a big area for a nice big beam. It seems as everything I have read about them seem to be always positive.

Thanks Dan KC2YTI 73s