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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Minima - M1KTA bodges

As away from home at moment looking at the minima and the work from a few others... throwing my code bodges into github too

I am going to be looking at the I2C libraries for the 4x20 LCD and adding a VSWR, Power Meter and Supply Voltage to the LCD real estate.

I like the option of using dual Si570 for the VFO/BFO and using an Arduino Uno and not the original base Atmega328 chip. I might investigate the use of the Arduino Mega 2560 (as I have one) as it has extra I/O and I2C dedicated already.

Also I have some alternate IF frequencies (as have the crystals) so might play a bit, as well as ADE-1 and SBL-1 mixers.

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