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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day one build....


Securing the base, 08:12 we started at 08:00

 Going up slowly...

 Piles of bit everywhere..
 Windows and door frame in made such a difference, starting to look good.

Weather is great.

The floorboards do not fit!
 Nice barrel bolts on the door
 Window and door frame wall overlap
First roof purlin...
 Ease it in..
 Both in place

Phew almost end of first day building... 5 hours

 Looking more like it should

As I go to work dad putting the roof on...
Mum creosoting extra bearers for the floor boards...


sv3auw said...

Hi Dom!
You are doing an excellent job there!
You may quit your morning job!!!(hi hi)
Me thinks that your flooring is a bit overkill but then again there is a huge humidity difference between Athens and Cambridgeshire!
I can't be at the club convention this year but I will be at Kempton Park Rally. We might have an eyeball QSO!
gqrp member

M1KTA said...

When the outside temp is minus 10 then that is when floor insulation will come into it's own.

The roof will have insulation as much of the heat in winter will escape through the roof. The cabin windows face EAST so it should not get too much direct sunlight and the roof insulation will also help to keep it cooler in Summer.

The previous shack had similar 2" insulation and it made it very bearable, before hand it was hopeless trying to build anything as was too cold or a bake house in summer.

Alas I will not be at Kempton Park.