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Saturday, 22 May 2010

K1 build RF part II

90% of TX side done now, just got the PA transistors and the transformers to solder in (just in place mechanically for now) and then that should be it as far as melting solder is concerned. There was one missing 473 (0.047uF) cap (C50) I have substituted in something from my own supplies that should work until Elecraft send a replacement.

The alignment for RX doesn't always seem to work for TX and the manual and notes say that the K1 uses the same filters for RX and TX and the uPC in it does a calculation and the ALC sets output power to less than 0.1watts

Anyway should be done soon. I am off to the Dunstable Downs rally tomorrow. Hope to be able to finish the build over the bank holiday.

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