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Monday, 10 August 2009

Paraset Build

Ages ago I visited Bletchley and learnt about these there and I have been collecting the parts ever since. Thanks to a great many G3's I have most of the components having scanned rally stalls and swapped a few £ for junk box parts.

In early 2009 I found a whole box of 2.5mH pile wound chokes, about 40% were open circuit but the rest I fished out those I needed and shared them with others I saw on the paraset builders list were looking for them.

Just today I posted to GQRP that I am building one and had a 6v6 two way qso with G3VTT during the GQRP vavlve day, he was using a paraset. Building one one of the first hurdles is getting it laid out correctly and here is how I obtained the template having help from another for the translations (he remains anonymous for now):

The image they used as a drill guide I asked "how did you print it to the right size... tried and cannot seem to get it right."

Answer was:
OK, on Johnny Apel’s SM7UCZ site (, half way down, under the drawing, he offers a link to a viewer program. Download this and the drawing (that is in fact a library of all drawings).
Open the program,
Open the drawing (German: Datie, ƶffnen)
Choose the drill layout (Backside).
Go to Datei, Drucken.
Choose Skalierung: 1:1. This is paramount!
Choose Oriƫntierung: Querformat
Choose Drucken: Actuelles Blatt
Finally: Drucken

After having printed, check the scale on the printout with a ruler for 1:1. Beware: merrily clicking around changes things unforeseen.


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