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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Windows 7 on eeePC Part II

Ok first things first tested this on an old Advent 7062 laptop.

This is 2GB RAM and Pentium 4 CPU @ 3GHz but with just a 12GB disk. (I do not intend storing large files on the system)

The start to login was just over a minute and to login 26 seconds.



I then fired up beta 5 of HRD (thanks Simon) and DM780 and here it is with a recording of PSK activity on 20m. Think that is G3ZNR CQ'ing in there....

I ran FREE AVG 8.5 as the anti virus. Note immediately post installation I had to add a couple of drivers to the install, SIS900 network card and AC97 sound card (it used XP drivers fine).

I added a few other things. CWGET, MiniVNA, copy of USB OScilloscope software, PIC and AVR software, Open Office 3.1 ...

For me that tests the initial setup of Windows 7 for Ham Radio

Now to repeat (again and document!) the exercise on the eeePC 4G 701

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