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Thursday, 11 December 2008

QRP /P operation PSK31 from beach

Not all /P operation M1KTA does on a beach is from some tropical DX paradise unfortunately. I braved the cold from a beach on the North Sea coast using a homebrew expedition tent I made a while back. The tent is self supporting and also contains a sling running through the tent wall to tie into ice screws etc when in the mountains on steep snow slopes.

It took 1/2 day to cycle there, and after realising had forgotten the SLA battery... oops, fortunately found a cafe that had a box of rather old sun bleached packets of AA batteries I bought for £1.

Operation into a buddipole from FT817 with psk31 0.5W running using only the old batteries with a VERY OLD Dell laptop whilst the batteries lasted. It was light enough to operate inside the tent but brrrr... it was cold.

This was the same place where I operated from and sent a message to GQRP about the sea wall effect so thought I'd try it again.

Just checking where the tide is.

Arty shot.

The bottom of the tent is a red fabric and there is plenty of room to sit and operate sitting up.

When the door is zipped up (There is a vent in two walls I can close from inside) the tent is wind and water proof.